Click_Slomo explores potions

In these few pictures I mess around with one of the newer potions, the invisibility potion. To make an invisibility potion you need to make an awkward potion. To do this you need a brewing stand, a glass bottle filled with water, and a Netherwart. Place the Netherwart in the top and the glass bottle with water in one ofClick_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility Floating mushrooms Click_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility Headless sheep Click_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility SpiderEyes

the three bottle compartments on the bottom. Then to the awkward potion you add a golden carrot (A carrot which has been crafted with 8 golden nuggets around it in a crafting bench) to the top compartment. That will make a potion for night vision. You can either keep it as it is as a night vision potion, or you can add a fermented spider eye to the potion to make the potion of invisibility. You can also make the potion throw able, by adding gunpowder to the potion. That will make it a splash potion. I used a splash potion of invisibility on the spider, mooshroom (a cow with mushrooms growing on it) and sheep in these pictures.

Other uses beside creeping up on people and scaring them, with the potion in effect, hostile mobs will ignore you unless you are wearing armour, because the armour (and weapons you hold) are still visible.


This year we have added a new system to our server. No, it’s not Tekkit, but it is awesome all the same, and something we have been thinking about since starting the subject over a year ago. It’s leveling!
Leveling/ranking was something we considered when designing the subject but looking back we didn’t really have the knowledge or experience initially to put such a system in place.
The system solves two of the main problems I decided were important to address. The first of which is motivating the students to do meaningful work in-game. This is where the work I did for the online coursera on gamification ( was really helpful in figuring out what would motivate the students. It was a little easier after a year of running the minecraft subject to know what students wanted and what they saw as important withing a system that would motivate them…

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