Click_Slomo explores potions

In these few pictures I mess around with one of the newer potions, the invisibility potion. To make an invisibility potion you need to make an awkward potion. To do this you need a brewing stand, a glass bottle filled with water, and a Netherwart. Place the Netherwart in the top and the glass bottle with water in one ofClick_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility Floating mushrooms Click_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility Headless sheep Click_slomo Mucking around with Invisibility SpiderEyes

the three bottle compartments on the bottom. Then to the awkward potion you add a golden carrot (A carrot which has been crafted with 8 golden nuggets around it in a crafting bench) to the top compartment. That will make a potion for night vision. You can either keep it as it is as a night vision potion, or you can add a fermented spider eye to the potion to make the potion of invisibility. You can also make the potion throw able, by adding gunpowder to the potion. That will make it a splash potion. I used a splash potion of invisibility on the spider, mooshroom (a cow with mushrooms growing on it) and sheep in these pictures.

Other uses beside creeping up on people and scaring them, with the potion in effect, hostile mobs will ignore you unless you are wearing armour, because the armour (and weapons you hold) are still visible.


This year we have added a new system to our server. No, it’s not Tekkit, but it is awesome all the same, and something we have been thinking about since starting the subject over a year ago. It’s leveling!
Leveling/ranking was something we considered when designing the subject but looking back we didn’t really have the knowledge or experience initially to put such a system in place.
The system solves two of the main problems I decided were important to address. The first of which is motivating the students to do meaningful work in-game. This is where the work I did for the online coursera on gamification ( was really helpful in figuring out what would motivate the students. It was a little easier after a year of running the minecraft subject to know what students wanted and what they saw as important withing a system that would motivate them…

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Click_Slomo’s insights about playing on another server

Minecraft Memories- Musecraft Server

One day after another I wished I could record my progress on this server. Until now I could not. My first day on Musecraft I felt lonely and nervous, I was, after all on the server of my favourite YouTuber. When I met the user, with a female skin, Mindtunnel I was happy to find another girl on the server and we became instant friends. We did a lot together, gathering resources and digging out our “First night” house. As I dug downwards in a staircase Mindtunnel was crafting weapons and armour out of the things I brought back. Mindtunnel finally asked who told me about the server, I replied that I’m friends with the owner of the server, Sean (He’s both the owner and he owns the Youtube channel TheMinecraftMuse (and Spumwack, but that didn’t exist back then)). She spazzed out and fan-girled over the fact I knew Sean (somewhat) personally, and that I am friends with him on Facebook. Was a bit annoying really, all I did was help him get some subscribers, not really much to be proud of.

Anyway, after a few days (we overused the cave a bit) we found some diamonds and we had enough resources to build a half decent house. I built the floor and walls while Mindtunnel made the roof. It was small, but cosy and it did its purpose… Until the Griefing raid started… What’s the Griefing raid you ask? The Griefing Raid was horrible, at the making of the server, a group of people who hated Sean griefed(basically destroyed) and killed players constantly and was “exiled” from the small town (basically if you see them you were supposed to kill them on sight). They built a base out in the wilderness, they hid out there for a little while and got ready to get their revenge, mining diamonds, getting as strong as they could (cause you couldn’t enchant armour and weapons back in 1.7 days), they dug a tunnel underground to the town. They came up right under Mindtunnel and my house and they blew everything up in sight with the TNT they had saved up, scavenging every chest until there was almost nothing left, then they burnt down the nearby forest. Even most of the people who were online at the time was killed and looted. All we had left was the items in our inventory, I had enough resources to help rebuild some of the town.

One day Sean came online to his server. I was so nervous to meet him on the server, since he is my favourite youtuber. Osifron (rich player) and Holyflame (another rich player, who becomes moderator then Administrator later on) built a nice stage for him to say his speech on. We were going to travel to a new land, one that is perfect, one with a desert for a mob spawner, mountains to look over the town below on the plains, a forest biome for a plentiful amount of trees and a river for a good source of water. Since he was recording the journey I tried to get on camera a bit (my avatar that is), and because I didn’t want to lose the group I stayed close to Sean. On our first stop I had asked Sean if I could hang out with him, since I was a little alone because Mindtunnel was stuffing around doing something else.

The video links may be added later, they are being previewed at the moment re appropriateness for this blog.I log off halfway through videoing, that’s cause my brother was too lazy to get the door cause the mailman had arrived with a package, then he wanted to go on the computer for a bit.
When I logged back on I was lost. I was lucky enough for Sean to teleport me to the gate of the new town which had been pretty much fully built except it was lacking a good community farm and mob grinder. He thanked me for helping him out and told me to find a 10×10 area to build my house. I could only find a squashed 8×5 area within the walls that was near Mindtunnels new house.

After a few weeks everything was going fine, got Holyflame (who got mod rank) to protect my house. I mined, made a small community farm, found a few diamonds by strip mining (Digging really deep into the ground then tunnelling off in different directions), then I decided to go with a new friend and tried to build a town. We went pretty far away and started building a wall and a few houses. This was on Christmas day so I got a visit from Holyflame and Failberry (A friend whom I met on the trip from the first town to Yellowton (who got Mod rank)) and they gave us presents. After the little visit I went mining for a bit for some recources and for some reason my ‘friend’ just decided to sneak up behind me and stab me in the back, literally. I lost all my items, I went back to collect them and he killed me again, this happened 2 more times until I finally gave up and logged off.
After a few days I returned to the server. I got mad yet again because I remembered what my so called friend did, but I calmed down and just went to my house to do some more mining but there was nothing there. I was furious I told Holy what had happened and asked him who did it. Turns out the mayor of Yellowton had destroyed my house because it was apparently unprotected. Of course I was angry, Holyflame had told me my house was protected, but it was destroyed cause it apparently wasn’t protected (Doesn’t make sense to me really)? Failberry had told Sean of my predicament and he was happy to oblige to a deal. Since I had helped Sean out with the server quite a bit, and we were somewhat internet friends/acquaintances and I was trusted by lots of people, he told Failberry to give me a good sized plot and replace some items I had lost. Failberry misinterpreted what Sean meant by “‘replace’ some items I had lost.” This is what Failberry gave me;

A stack of 64 diamond helmets, chest plates, leggings and boots. A 64 stack of golden apples, a bunch of mushroom soup, a bunch of pork chops and steak (Sean updated the server to 1.8 before we went on the lookout for the new town) HEAPS of each type of log, cobble, diamonds, iron, coal. and a set of diamond tools, stacked to 64 of course. I thought I died and respawned to blocky heaven for a bit then, I reported this to Sean cause I didn’t think he would ask Failberry to do this, since the server is a vanilla server (and Sean is very strict when he says “This server is a completely vanilla server” ).
After many emails via YouTube we got everything sorted out, Sean gave me a reasonable amount of itmes and took away the absurd amount of diamonds, but he did let me keep a few, plus a diamond hat and diamond boots. I built my house so I decided to go find some animals to put in my new pen, I also made an almost automated farm. I was content and happy for a long while working on my house, building a lookout tower. This was also the day I was told that Mindtunnel was actually a guy with a girl skin for his character. Since he wasn’t really a girl I also found out that I was the first girl to be on the server!

Feeling that I owed Sean for the items and him being so kind to me I asked if I could become a mod. He argued and said it will be hard work and I would have to give up most of my free time playing vanilla minecraft, but I was ready. He taught me the basics and after about a month I became quite skilled with quite a few commands. I could protect someone’s house in less than a minute (that’s counting adding all the other members the person wanted to be able to build in the area), I was bordering Holyflames skill, he even said so himself. I made plenty of friends, I helped out in every way I could, trying to impress Sean enough to become admin, and just because I enjoyed helping people on my favourite server. I was friendly and polite to everyone, even those who were pissing me off to no end (swearing, spamming, insulting ect). I was helpful and always happy I worked hard for months, and eventually I ended up getting Admin rank, and I started playing Musecraft as often as I could. But one day I stuffed up big time… I was mucking around, flying around with my gold sword which had the command /thor binded to it. I spotted a creeper, I was bored and I always liked the look of a super-charged creeper. So I right clicked, and lightning striked, but my friend Paydrone got caught in the blast and got killed. I was demoted immediately. And since I was so used to teleporting around and flying around I didn’t know the layout of the city too well anymore. So I learned my coordinates of my house and when I was lost I could find my way back somewhat easily. But it was a hassle travelling around so I stayed in my home a lot of the time.

My newest friend Pierocket had helped me out a bit though, I helped him build a Museum, took a while, but it looks amazing! Then after a while we both got a bit sick of the town, we just travelled to the wild and decided to try again further away from town. We set up and made a nice house each and lived there for about a month until I got a bit homesick, and trudged my way back home. When I returned to my house in the wilderness, it was griefed. It took a lot of work to get it back to its former glory, but I did it.

Here’s a pic of the houses; a bit Sean decided to make the greeter rank for me, since he somewhat trusted me again, but after a week or so he found it a bit unfair to have a rank just for me. I understood that, but I was still a little mad at him 😛
A bit after I moved into the wilderness a player got granted admin powers to make a new town, but he instead destroyed the whole of Yellowton. Instead of acting rash, Sean decided to make and event out of the mishap. He of course banned the player, but he made the “Apocalypse” event. Admins, mods and I spawned different mobs while players had to get from point A to point B without dying.

Sean then decided, since they were going to roll back, and the map was pretty much destroyed we could have a little fun. He gave everyone creative and we continued to do what the player had done. It was probably the most fun experience on the server, apart from becoming Admin.
After the Apocalypse Sean rolled back the server to a previous save file, then Sean and I made a monument for the players who made it from point A to B.

Now on the server all I really do is stay in my house and chat because my computer is really slow. But I did apply for either Greeter (he brought the rank back) or Moderator ranks again. I just wanted to be able to help out again and be able to hang out with old friends 🙂
I learnt quite a bit. Don’t trust some people on the internet and become their friend, because they will stab you in the back if you let down your guard. Even the smallest of mistakes can have a huge consequence, and if you work hard enough on a certain thing, and make a mistake, you can still get a second chance. And that so many people on Musecraft are great people and great friends.

Who created Minecraft – by ACEman24

Markus Persson
Markus Alexji “Notch’’ Persson is a Swedish video game programmer and designer. He is the owner of Mojang, the video game company he founded along with Carl Manaaeh and Jakob Porser in late 2010. He was born 1st of June 1979 and is 34 years old. Minecraft had a tech demo in 2009 and then it was decided to be made a game after becoming popular.  His purpose for founding Mojang was because of Minecraft. He has won multiple awards through the creation of Minecraft and its popular launch.,187,SNS.html

“Ace Of Spades’’ was made because Minecraft gave inspiration.