I_eat_7_pancakes’ experience so far :)

A New Home.
By I_eat_7_pancakes.

Day 1 Starting.
I can’t take it anymore. I need to move to a quieter place, away from my two friends who keep on arguing.
I have decided to move near my friend Tuffyn. He’s a nice easy going bloke who might be nice to live next to. I have only started, but I hope to finish my house soon.
I just finished the door frame on the house, I have decided to build it into the hill, so I don’t have to worry much about what the outside looks like, I hope. It’s getting late though, and the rain is really bugging me, so I’ll wait till morning to finish things off.

Day 2 the front.
I did a lot of work today, I finished the front frame, and I’m ready for the interior.
Tuffyn came and visited today, he is so nice, he gave me some cobblestone to help with the building.

Day 3 Interior.
I made some progress today inside the house, I have made a room for my bedroom, but I have run out of resources  also Doctor_who and Lia visited today, tuffyn gave Lia a chicken, he had too many!

1st 2nd 7th 6th 5th 4th 3rd

The house is coming along nicely, I hope it goes well.


10 thoughts on “I_eat_7_pancakes’ experience so far :)

  1. Hey I_eat_7_pancakes!

    I’m a teacher in Singapore who uses Minecraft in my school (and at home!). Your blog post reminds me of setting out on my very first days in a server. You build what you need and as you gather resources, you can then think bigger and create bigger dwellings! All the best in your epic adventure!

  2. Love your design! I like your wonderful description even better. It’s good to reflect on a hard day’s work and you did so beautifully. We use Minecraft at my school too and I will share this with my kids. I look forward to seeing what you come up with next. 🙂

  3. Looking good so far I_eat_7_pancakes, and it is very annoying when you live next to noisy neighbours so lucky for you that you could move. Good idea building into the side of a hill.I still like to landscape my hill home and have turned it into a more ‘Hobbity’ dwelling. The rain is a drag and hopefully you will have some nice sunny days soon for building, though you don’t have to worry about mud in a Minecraft world 🙂 Nice that your friends came to visit but I think you could have done with a chicken also.I am looking forward to hearing about what transpires next. Happy adventures and building.

    Mrs Booth

    • Thanks!
      My “noisy neighbours” are my too great friends that i play minecraft with, i just wanted to live by myself for a bit.
      Also my house design, was suppose to be a little hobbity, i got the design from a youtuber by the name Pualsoaresjr. He is a great family friendly minecraft player, who even has his own series on youtube with his kids and wife.

  4. I liked the fact that you built it in a hill. That was a wise choice since resources are getting limited in everyone’s world even ours. I am going to share this with some others I work with at school so they can comment. Keep building!

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