I_eat_7_pancakes continues his building…

Day 4 storage room.
Today was a slow day, I didn’t get a lot down, and I had to chop down a few trees for wood.
I got some nice new locks on my doors and chests.
But I finally finished the Storage room, It doesn’t need to look nice, but I think it does.


Day 5 Decoration.

The outside of my house, it just looked bland and boring, so I decided to lighten it up with some flowers and hedges, then I made a nice path connecting mine, tuffyn and my old house together.

deco 1 deco 2 deco 3


2 thoughts on “I_eat_7_pancakes continues his building…

  1. I love the flowers and you are right it does make it look happier and brighter! We had a snow day but tomorrow I am going to show your stuff to some 6th graders to see. Look for their comments to come!

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