My Experience of Minecraft! By Lia_Turner1212

To be honest, I had never heard of Minecraft until the start of last year. I saw it in the optional subject and it sounded interesting so I chose it. I walked into the class not knowing what to expect and was amazed by what happened. I got an account and was introduced to the world of Minecraft! First, I had to build my house on the server and I had no idea how to do that, so with some help of the admins (especially natbott97), I learnt how to build, demolish and create. My house turned into a 12-story skyscraper consisting of diamond, emerald, gold and iron. My house was probably the most expensive house in Minecraft, I had 12 floors and only used three! Then I teamed up with the other two girls in the class for the collaborative project and we decided to build a library. We cleared out this huge area that we needed for the library and started building the ground floor, it took a lot of hard work to even get the ground floor done, but we had two more to go!!! We just made the two upper floors with no idea with to put in there until we made a snap decision. We built a kid’s area on the second floor and a pool with a floating café on the top floor. It took about 3 months or so to build the library without half the furnishings in it. Then we each built our own mini personal things in that world. This year, I chose to be in the Minecraft class again which I was extremely happy about  there was now a survival world  I built my creative house with a beacon and with a tower. I started looking at the idea of pixel art, which you can create anything out of. I decided to do a panda first up because it seemed easy for my first try. Luckily, it worked and I succeeded with the panda, which weirdly enough looked like a panda cross a mouse. Then I looked on Google and found hundreds and thousands of pixel art. I chose to do mainly older videogame characters. I have so far completed a Mario, a Mario flower, a boo, a Kirby with two types of shadow and hope to do many more. At the moment, I am attempting to make a book with all the mobs in it with a picture of their head with some information on the different mobs. One day, I hope to make a different type of skin for each mob. There will be Blazes, Skeletons, Spiders, Creepers and more. I am hoping to make a name and skill set for each too, maybe even a few new bosses. I hope to achieve many things this year in Minecraft and couldn’t recommend it more highly when people ask what games they should play!!! I hope to be able to look on this when I’m ten years older and smile about it, and probably still play! I want to learn a lot more things in the Minecraft world in general and the school server. By, Lia_Turner1212


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