My reflection Lia_Turner1212 – Pixel Art

Pixel Art is making a picture with blocks. I started after watching Click_slomo do hers, but I wasn’t sure of how to do it… So I looked it up. It works better for amateurs if you get an 8-bit picture with a grid and copy the image from there. I started with Kirby because that was the first and easiest I saw. When I started making it, I thought it would be hard but it started to get easier as I went along. I did Mario next because he had a better grid with block by block instructions. Then I kept on going, it was so fun… My favourite was either the Mario ghost or the Mario flower, because they were extremely cute. It takes a while to find a suitable picture because I didn’t want to do Pokémon because my friends were doing that so I thought MARIO!!! So most of mine are Mario themed  I am also thinking about doing some different kinds of pixel art like 3d or requested ones  I also have a panda/mouse on our school server with a 3d heart over it. To make a pixel art you need lots and lots of wool (in different colours) and a picture to look at and copy off. For Kirby, I looked up the picture and figured out what was needed for it then just started building. I got agitated a lot, because the block wouldn’t go the right way or I would get rid of the wrong block or it just wasn’t working out for me. You also have to keep calm and just work on it because it will get there in the end. I would suggest something small like Mario instead of a massive SpongeBob SquarePants. Pixel art is so fun to do because you can create what you want to. I suggest it to everyone!!!


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