Pink Sky Trading – Skyelarox

Minecraft project- Skyelarox grade 8

Project: Pink Skye trading post


I like trading in video games. It’s plenty of excitement and somewhat adventurous! Plus both I and the customer are happy with what we’ve gotten afterwards. And that is a good thing to experience, trust me.

So I decided to create a simple trading post for me and others on the grade 8 survival island on our minecraft server.  So far I had quite a few customers. They include: Pinkyrose103, Kaylie103, MrTurnip974, cptdom112 and xXWoTahXx. I’m hoping that I’ll get more customers in the near future.

So far Pinkyrose103 and I have been working on posters and we’ve found our perfect logo (below). The name is a combination of both Pinkyrose103’s and my  username (Skyelarox) with pink clouds and the sun. It suits really well (plus we both really like pink).

 pink skye


(If you haven’t noticed, I did this in Paint. The ones I’ve done on paper are much better.)

Basically, our shop includes trading certain items for other items. For example, we include a special offer on seeds and if the customer trades two pieces of coal we give them 5 seeds in return. All of the special offers we include are written on signs at the counter.

We’ve had a few problems with security lately. Mobs keep entering the back door and attacking Pinkyrose103 an I. Plus we’ve had a few robberies but we’ve solved that problem!

You see, originally I had a door behind the shop so we could enter and exit the shop easily. Unfortunately with the whole robbers and mobs coming in, we decided to build a secret entrance inside our house that leads to the shop. We’ve done something similar to the shop’s basement, except it doesn’t lead  to our house.

Not long ago I decided to make a Book & Quill in Minecraft, but I didn’t know what to do with it. Then I decided to make it a ‘diary’ about the trading post and it’s construction. I will let everybody know when I’m finished.

Not long ago I made a little vending machine in the trading post for people to get food out of. The only problem was that I was worried about everything getting stolen. Luckily because of the new chest locking system I’ve been able to keep it safe.


We’ve been thinking about selling animals at the trading post for a while now. Firstly I tried selling chickens and their eggs. Unfortunately Pinkyrose103 and Kaylie103 let them out of their pen (by accident). I tried sheep but because of the lagging we had to kill them all. But I’m going to try selling either cows or chickens again and see how that goes.

One of my most skilled professions  is cartoon art. Because of this  I found a way to show some of my artwork by drawing stuff from Minecraft. Most of them include my skin (Skyelarox), a pig (Caroline Piggleston) and a creeper (Mr C.). I hope  I can share my artwork soon.


The trading post was originally supposed to be a pueblo styled building. A pueblo is a 6×6 house with a fancy roof and sides, they are very easy to make. Yet, due to some expansion ideas It’s turned into a regular house with a tree on top. But I was thinking of making some pueblos around the grade 8 Survival Island. I bet it would look really nice.


I hope you like my project ideas. Updates will appear in the future!


Written by Skyelarox.


(All artwork was drawn on Paint)






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