Click_slomo compares servers…

Server comparison: Musecraft- ProjectMIST

Although I’ve been playing on Musecraft server for over a year now, the server has lost its touch. Being almost completely vanilla, the server was very strict. No griefing, no mods (except fps boosters and minimaps), no hacking, no stealing, no swearing, no insulting. All you were allowed to do was play the game and have fun doing so while talking to your new internet buddies. At the start I’ll admit, it was slow, but it was fun gathering resources for a while, until it got tedious and almost pointless because you had gathered all that you need.

Yellowton was interesting and fun, it was small and it was somewhat easy to navigate. There were only about 25 of us on the server then, 20 to 40 block-like people with their own unique and interesting skins and personalities. After playing for a year and a few months with my experiences, the server has grown dramatically, in both a good way, and not so much. Yellowton had grown to a huge city, in comparison close to the size of New York. There were hundreds of unprotected, griefed and downright UGLY houses. The people aren’t close-knit as we used to be, No one remembers my legend (Yes that simple story I had posted had become legend) except a few friends that stick around. None of the pioneers go on the server anymore, the admins (Holyflame, River, and Kraze, my old friends) are now too busy to talk anymore, and half the time they aren’t even online.

I want so much to become admin again and sort everything out, but since Sean had given up on the server and can’t provide for it, the server has been running off of donations, he doesn’t have the choice of who becomes admin or not. I sent my application to become mod, or even greeter, about a month ago with no such thing as even a small email of reply. Some people on the server are so snarky and horrible, they are letting 7 year olds become moderators, yet they won’t let an old trusted ex admin/mod/greeter become moderator again. Musecraft has been going downhill for ages, honestly, I’m sick of the server, but I don’t want to let go of the memories.

The School server, the ProjectMIST server is quite different. Although they don’t have the complete vanilla-style challenge that Musecraft had, ProjectMIST is enjoyable. Although I haven’t been able to play and build with most students on the server due to my shyness, and my usual independence, I still feel the nostalgia that Musecraft gave me that long year ago.

I had the choice of making pixelart on the creative world, playing in the middle where I could play as either survival or creative (I played survival for the most part though) in the spawn world. Or I could go all out and try to play like I used to on the survival world. I have survived about a week, although the deathcount is around 6 deaths you can’t really call that survival 😛

The MCMMO plugin on the server is enjoyable so far, because I enjoy MMO’s like Runescape, ect. And the unique rank up is enjoyable, I got to share my story of Musecraft with my fellow students, I got to try making pixel art for the first time, and I will get to show off my building style. The rank ups are both making my experience more enjoyable, while making my teacher, DBatty, happy with the work I do. I’m hoping to get Admin rank on this server also, I enjoy helping out on servers I like to play on, but I know it won’t be easy.

I’ve enjoyed the subject so far, I have a somewhat “gap” in my timetable, because this subject hardly seems like work. As I write, draw or build, it all flows so easily that it feels enjoyable to write, even if I spent 2 days remembering and rewriting my story of Musecraft, I enjoyed it, both because I am excited to see if this server can be both a refreshing change and to be somewhat similar to Musecraft. And because writing the story hit me with so much nostalgia I spent half the time daydreaming about the old days.

As soon as I got on ProjectMIST server I wanted to help as much as I had on Musecraft, both to just be helpful, and to re-live what I felt when I helped people on Musecraft. Although I doubt I’ll get the old “You’re a girl?!” reaction when I come to help them with protecting their houses, I’m sure I’ll still get a laugh by all the Admin’s silly phrases and their acting skills, yes I’m talking to you Christopher Columbus (Harry).


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