Click_slomo educates us on the Ender Dragon :)

The Ender Dragon is the first official boss mob to appear in Minecraft. It only naturally spawns in The End. This mob uses the dragon model Notch created, but uses a texture more closely related to an Enderman, being black and scaly with purple eyes

To defeat the EnderDragon you must enter the End via the portal in the strongholds. I personally recommend having enchanted weapons, including an infinite bow. When you enter the End there will be a health bar at the top of the screen, you will also find yourself on an obsidian platform. The End world is mostly made of Endstone, but you will also see many obsidian towers, some with peculiar crystals on the top.

 The most common and easiest strategy to defeat the Ender Dragon is to destroy all of the Ender Crystals before attempting to fight the Ender Dragon, as any damage done to the dragon can be quickly undone by the crystals. Since Ender Crystals explode, an advisable strategy is to shoot arrows or to throw snowballs from a distance so the player does not take damage, then climb up the Obsidian towers with a ladder. This ensures that if the player falls off the tower due to exploding Ender Crystals, that player will be able to grab onto the ladder and not die. It is also recommended you wait until the Ender Dragon gets near to the Ender Crystals, then destroy it thus making it possible for The Ender Dragon to take damage from the explosion. (However, it should be noted that the Ender Dragon can and will destroy the player’s ladders).

If at all possible, the player should attempt to destroy the Ender Crystals while the Ender Dragon is too far away to detect or charge them. The player can then safely destroy the Ender Crystals on that end of the map, taking care not to get close enough for the Boss’s health bar to reappear. By repeating this strategy a few times, the player should be able to clear out the crystals from all parts of the map.

When the Ender Dragon charges it gives the player a good chance of attacking its head to deal extra damage. But if the player decides to attack it, he/she will have less time to try to avoid its attack. The Ender Dragon will recoil when hit and will fly away, eventually to attempt to charge at the player again. I prefer to defeat the Ender Dragon with a bow, but that is my preference.

When the Ender Dragon is defeated it will explode in purple light, dropping a lot of experience orbs, and will make a portal near ground level where it was defeated. In the middle of the portal is an Ender Dragon Egg, it is not much more than a trophy and it will teleport if you try to hit it, but it is collectable. Left click and hold when not pointing at a block with a pickaxe, then move your cursor onto the dragon egg then it will drop. When you go into the portal back home the credits will roll, if you don’t want to sit through the whole thing you can press esc, but it is a good read when you’re bored.Click_slomo Enderdragon 2


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