What has Reaper X5885 been up to?

Part 1.

Katanv6969, deathewok and I have found a remote place to live and build our castle; we decided to build near a ravine. We have built the main structure and have a sustainable food source, the castle is mainly underway but we need to build the outer walls and other buildings. Our mine digs deep into the earth’s core and we have over five stacks of iron and a few emeralds. We all have a duty and seem to be keeping it. If I have bread, iron and pickaxes I will work.

Part 2.

Today I found PIGS! And a few saddles. We have created a stable for our steed, well steeds until katanav6969 killed the other pig we found. I have a steed, his name is Oinkers, we have put him outside the city as of now. On other topics we discovered a mineshaft that we’ve started to dig out and attached to that mineshaft is another ravine filled with ore. We’ve also found another pet his name is goop and he’s a friendly slime. We’ve also made an enchanting table which we’ve used to enchant our weapons, pickaxes and tomahawks. I’m glad that we’ve all added some watch towers and bowmen holes to the castle, as well as creating a few mining bases and a second keep.


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