Pinkyrose103 tells us more about the trading post she’s making with Skyelarox

Pimkyrose103’s minecraft project grade 8

My project was to make a trading shop with skyelarox. We started by picking a place in the water and made a floor and 3 block high wall. Next we made the walls to the top and added the roof. After that we made a waiting room, a counter and a chicken koop.

What we do at the trading post:

  • We talk to the customer about what they want
  • Ask what they have to trade and how much
  • Decide how much they will give for the amount they want
  • The customer always gives items first
  • Then we give them the item they want
  • And that’s all that happens here

Some items we trade here include eggs, wool, dyes, ore materials, cake, lapis, red stone and many more.

The way we trade:

Customer: skyelarox

Worker: pinkyrose103

Worker: ‘’hello. What can I get you today?’’

Customer: ‘’can I please have five wheat seeds for 2 coal.’’

Worker: ‘’yes that seems like a good deal. Let me go get the seeds.’’

(goes down ladder and gets seeds. Comes back up)

Worker: ‘’can I have the coal please.’’

(customer gives the coal)

Worker: ‘’thank you. Here you go.’’

(worker gives her the seeds)

Customer: ‘’thanks.’’

Worker: ‘’pleasure doing business with you.’’

We have a vending machine, so if you give us items we will put items in the vending machine for you to get. The vending machine has in it bread, steak and apples.

I hope you like our ideas. Please come to our trading shop soon.

I’m sure we will give you a good deal.

Written by pinkyrose103


2 thoughts on “Pinkyrose103 tells us more about the trading post she’s making with Skyelarox

  1. How did you first stock your trading post ? Did you mine yourselves and stock it that way or some other way. Are you thinking of expanding into multiple areas kind of like stores like Target and Walmart ?

  2. We found the items all around the place and mined some stuff to sell. We hadn’t thought about making it in different places but i think it is a good idea and we will try and make more.

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