Tuffyn’s adventures continue…

Tuffyn Bedroom Tuffyn Holiday house Tuffyn I think i'm being watched Tuffyn Mine Tuffyn The frount Tuffyn u like Tuffyn Under ground farm Tuffyn Up coming farm

I’ve decided to make a holiday house for myself which is next to my friend’s house (I_ eat_ 7_ pancakes). When I finished the wooden part of my house I started to mine down and I ran into an already existing mine, I also came across a few creepers but they died (I win this time, ha-ha). I mined a bit more and found obsidian and made a portal, but when I went to the Nether I was ambushed by zombie pigmen (you win this time you swine’s), I tried to get my stuff back, but they kept killing me. Until next time!  DON’T TRUST THE PIGS!!!!!


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