Appleman updates on his progress :)


5 thoughts on “Appleman updates on his progress :)

  1. Thanks Appleman, I look forward to looking at more clips of your progress! We have been using Fraps at my school, though we are not nearly as advanced with our journey as you guys. I will definitely check out bandicam. Do you have to transfer the file into moviemaker or similar after recording in order to reduce the filesize of the clip. I find the avi files produced by fraps are massive!!

  2. – Viviene you would have to put the file in a rendering program like windows movie maker that should come with your operating system if you have XP, Vista, 7 or 8.
    You can also obtain a program like Sony Vegas Pro 9,10 or 11. Sony software is a couple of hundred dollars though, but they’re very good.
    There is also Camtasia studio which is a recorder and editor program all in one. There is a trial version for this.
    Here are the links for these programs
    To get to windows movie maker, go to your start button, click all programs and scroll down until ther icons end and the folders start appearing. At the end of that list, It should say “Windows Live Movier Maker” Just click that.

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