Echo_DayDream’s minecraft experience :)

My minecraft

house & farm

This is my room of the house; I live with two other people, I_Eat_7_Pancakes & ShadoVenom.

When we first built the house, a lot of creeper’s were spawning nearby, some were in the house. Our biggest problem was finding wood, only because we built the house nowhere near tree’s.

It took me a while to find some wool… Actually it took me forever!!! I travelled a long way from the house to find some wool; I eventually came across a field with a lot of mobs. Lucky for me, there was about… 7 Sheep! 😀

I found Jasper outside our house attacking a pig; I ran inside and grabbed 40 bones! He ate 25 of them!!! 🙂 After that we have been best friends forever!!!

echo1 echo2 echo3

When I started my farm, it was hard to think of a way to design it, and make it look good. Later through that day, I just built a large room, and started from there. 😀

We’ve got a lot of sugar cane, we have just found some melon seeds, from a dungeon, we have plenty of bread, just enough carrot’s and lots of potatoes!

The Chicken Farm gives us a lot of eggs, a lot of feathers and a load of chicken! The chickens love swimming in the little pools I made them, they also love exploring the little holes in the walls. 😀

echo4 echo5



This is the outside of the house! 🙂



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