Reaper’s update on his progress

Today I died and I lost all of my stuff, this isn’t right I lost my sword and my entire cobblestone collection. This happened because I fell into a ravine.   it’s kind of weird how much we’ve all come to rely on cobblestone. Cobblestone is the base for my building project so it’s really important.

Dying is a real problem as I also lost food which is annoying because Oinkers, my pet pig, is still alive and I need to feed him. I also need another carrot on stick so I can ride him. The one I have is broken and not working.

One of us decided to see if TNT works in my room and dear lord it does! It was turned off last year. Having this turned on will be helpful to clear out caves and destroy spawners though. Unfortunately it has caused some major damage to my room – we are fixing this though!

I have also had to dig a new mine because we’ve run out of resources, there’s more places we haven’t dug yet. I have to start blast mining the gravel, because there’s always good resources behind gravel, we need villagers to trade with or people to trade with so we can get resources that we dont have.


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