Click_Slomo continues her adventures

When I left my house in the survival world to go exploring and go mining for some emeralds I stumbled across a cobblestone building. Exploring a bit further I figure out I had found the spawn again. I saw someone had built a public nether portal, I didn’t want to go into the nether just yet, so I thought of an idea. Since I’ve wanted to help, I decided to build a community farm near the spawn building. I thought this was genius since the first things you need to get in survival are wood (there’s a forest nearby), stone (people can make their own mines) and food. Since animals are scarce and my animals in my home that I’m breeding are underground, I couldn’t make an animal farm (Someone will just come and kill them all without breeding them anyway).

In the farm there are 2 wheat patches, a sugarcane line, melons, carrots and potatoes and two jungle trees with some cocoa beans. I built the farm with my own recourses I hope it helps everyone out when they decide to take a break from the creative world and enter survival for the first time. It will also help if they die and they are still on wood rank, and need a bit of food to keep them from starving to death finding their houses.

The farm has already experienced some griefing, someone has chopped down  the jungle trees that had the cocoa beans on them, and the cobblestone walls and overhang were cut down to a small fence. I believe it may have been caused by a roll-back in the server, but the Nether portal I had built in my home after I finished the farm is still there.

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4 thoughts on “Click_Slomo continues her adventures

  1. Hi there, I stumbled across your blog after following a link from twitter. I must say I am absolutely fascinated with what you are able to do with mine craft. My own children sit and play for hours and I always wonder what the fuss is. What makes mine craft so special and exciting to you? I am interested in starting a club at my school but don’t feel I know enough…what would be your advice? Keep up the great mine crafting!
    Regards Mrs. Sinnott and 5/6 S

    • Well, I’ve been playing minecraft for quite a few years, I find the most fun and interesting aspects of Minecraft are the adventure and ability to make almost anything. Although the newer updates I find boring, I usually downgrade to beta or lower installations for a good hit of nostalgia.
      If you want to make a club I would suggest gathering really knowledgeable fans of the game and ask for information, or a different solution is to go to the minecraft wiki. Or you can just start playing the game and learn as you go along, but I must warn you, if you get stuck into minecraft it’s very difficult to stop playing, it’s a very addicting game.
      Thankyou for your feedback, Ms Batty will be happy to know more teachers are fascinated by the game.

    • Thank you veary much! The farm has been griefed a few times, and it’s very annoying to use my own hard earned recources to fix the farm up again.

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