Pinkyrose103’s project

My project was to make a house to live in with Skyelarox and Kaylie103.

We started off when Skyelarox made a hole in the mountain and invited Kaylie103 and me to live with her. We first made some chests and made a glass house with wheat growing in it, we lived off bread for a while, it was good. We thought it was a bit small so we made a bedroom for Skyelarox that we both live in now since Kaylie103 moved out. (What a shame).

We lived in the small area for a while then we made more room by adding a room underground to put our sheep, then it lagged so we couldn’t play so they killed the sheep. Then we had a big space down stairs so we made a basement. We added a loot room: one for Skyelarox and one for me; we also added a cake stand and a goal room to achieve goals. We then made an enchantment table and a room for it as well as a nether portal room and a nether portal too.

We made an underground way to get to the trading post and found an abandoned mine shaft. We went into the mine shaft and I found a chest with melon and pumpkin seeds (yes). We also found diamond, gold and emerald.

Our house is now really big and we are living happily together in the same house with no trouble at all.

Written by Pinkyrose103.


One thought on “Pinkyrose103’s project

  1. What a great project this sounds, and a very interesting journey in terms of the way your house has evolved over time. It is wonderful you are living together so happily in your big house full of wonderful treasures! What is a nether portal and room? I am fascinated 🙂

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