Rabidunicorn3’s Temple Project

Minecraft temple project

So far in my temple project I have turned a sand temple that I have found while traveling into a fit home as shown in the pictures. I have created a tree farm on the outside of the temple and a mine in the inside of the temple I have found a lot of iron and lava also shown in the pictures and made it so if any travelers come along my temple they can get food and other supplies I am also planning to make a melon, pumpkin and wheat farm so I can survive as long as I can out in the desert I have many minerals in my chests and have stored all my chests in the under part of the temple. Where the TNT would usually be stored and the pressure plate is. So far I have found a massive dungeon and have got over 2 stacks of iron but with no luck of finding any diamonds yet but I do still hope to find some diamonds while mining. The reason why I would like to get to stone ranking is because I would hopefully like to set my home in the sand temple. I have recently added a melon farm to house just outside.

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