K_red’s apartment

These are screen shots of an apartment I built (k_red) on Minecraft. The apartment consists of a main entrance room, a down stairs enchantment room, two bedrooms, a relaxing area and a basement for experiments. In the relaxing area we have some couches, some bookshelves and a beacon surrounded by water. The beacon is to pinpoint the exact location of the apartment, the apartment it surround by trees and is hard to find. The beacon is also to lighten the mood and for looks. The basement has a chest with potions and other odds and ends in it. The basement also has a pool of lava and a pool of water separated from each other by glow stone. The main entrance area has a furnace, crafting table and some chests. The down stairs enchantment room has bookshelves surrounding an enchantment table. There is also a door leading to a secret passage way as an escape route. In the two bedrooms there is simply a bed or a double bed, a jukebox and some chests. Though one has an enchantment table and a bookshelf near it to make it stronger.





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