RabidUnicorn3’s Minecraft Skyblock Project

At the moment I have been developing a skyblock project in Minecraft on the school’s server. I have developed a mob spawner in the sky. It is a square box made out of cobblestone with one hole in so the mobs will fall through the hole and hit the ground. There is a water stream right where the mobs hit the ground so their supplies flow through the water stream and into a particular place. I have also created a farm but because I haven’t slain any zombies and gotten carrots or potatoes and I haven’t found melon seeds I have only got a wheat farm. I am hoping to expand the farm in a while. I have also got a tree farm and I chop down and plant around 9 trees once they have all grown and I have many wood blocks, apples and saplings. I have created an infinite water source and two cobblestone generators. The items I have are: 154 wood blocks, 2 axes, 105 bread, 2 bows, 13 arrows, 1 hoe, 209 seeds, 6 buckets, 1 bucket of milk, a shovel, cobblestone sword, diamond sword, 48 saplings, 43 cobblestone, 14 sticks, 39 torches, a cobblestone pickaxe, 20 wood, a boat, 4 cobblestone stairs, 36 emeralds, 15 string, 12 apples, 12 rotten flesh, 4 gun powder, 11 bone meal, 4 spider eyes and 6 sugar cane. 

– RabidUnicorn3


WorldEdit mistake with Westbury tunnel

I was helping make the Westbury creative and survival spawns. I took Ms Batty’s idea of making a tunnel between the two areas. After school it was brought to my attention by xXWotahXx and his brother that I could have easily made an extra warp sign instead. I try to //regen the area and… Well, this happened. stuff up

stuff up2

I was so scared at the time, and no other admins were on at the time so I did all I could to fix it, but it did absolutely nothing. So I figured I could make this work.
Perhaps if the creative and survival parts of the world were separated by the crevasse I accidentally made, and the students who play in survival are allowed to build inside the crevasse to make an interesting town system. Of course I would have to fill the bottom of it with bedrock o noone dies by falling out of the world.

Just a small idea I figured could work. I don’t trust myself with worldedit to put the bedrock in place. The Crevasse stretches for around 1000 blocks, so there’s plenty of room for the Westbury Primary kids to build in and around it.

EnderSlayer Art ~Click_Slomo

enderslayerAfter a week I finally finished the piece of artwork. Since I am not the best at figuring out what everyone skins were, I drew them as what they look like. But the exception was Deathewok, he requested I draw him like he is shown in the image.
I drew myself as my My Little Pony Original Character.

New Building Areas in Survival


Hello everyone.

I’ve noticed in some worlds, (particularly the grade8 survival world) that things are getting extremely cluttered. People are struggling to find places to build and are building over the top of each other. So, I’m going around making a few small islands in the different survival worlds for students to build on, to give them more space to be creative. Anyway, the first one took me about half an hour and features two small islands, connected by an archway. 


The islands are made by me with worldedit 🙂

If anyone wants to build on these islands, you’ll find them in the ocean around populous areas of the different survival worlds.

Have fun everyone! 


Some Screenshots of the Server’s Spawn and Creative Area with Shaders Mod!

This is basically a mod which makes Minecraft look really nice 🙂

Do not attempt to install this mod if your computer doesn’t run Minecraft at anything over 60 frames per second, it will really make it lag and/or max out your memory. It is an intensive mod. 

So, please enjoy the screenshots! Link-http://imgur.com/lPWA17b,0xtYT7b,ZMQ2LZD,ySGAMCZ,ZfzHKif