WorldEdit mistake with Westbury tunnel

I was helping make the Westbury creative and survival spawns. I took Ms Batty’s idea of making a tunnel between the two areas. After school it was brought to my attention by xXWotahXx and his brother that I could have easily made an extra warp sign instead. I try to //regen the area and… Well, this happened. stuff up

stuff up2

I was so scared at the time, and no other admins were on at the time so I did all I could to fix it, but it did absolutely nothing. So I figured I could make this work.
Perhaps if the creative and survival parts of the world were separated by the crevasse I accidentally made, and the students who play in survival are allowed to build inside the crevasse to make an interesting town system. Of course I would have to fill the bottom of it with bedrock o noone dies by falling out of the world.

Just a small idea I figured could work. I don’t trust myself with worldedit to put the bedrock in place. The Crevasse stretches for around 1000 blocks, so there’s plenty of room for the Westbury Primary kids to build in and around it.


One thought on “WorldEdit mistake with Westbury tunnel

  1. Ah, mistakes are wonderful for learning. Falconcadet has some commands that you’re now ready to learn 🙂 and yes, I think this will work. Love your work!

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