RabidUnicorn3’s Minecraft Skyblock Project

At the moment I have been developing a skyblock project in Minecraft on the school’s server. I have developed a mob spawner in the sky. It is a square box made out of cobblestone with one hole in so the mobs will fall through the hole and hit the ground. There is a water stream right where the mobs hit the ground so their supplies flow through the water stream and into a particular place. I have also created a farm but because I haven’t slain any zombies and gotten carrots or potatoes and I haven’t found melon seeds I have only got a wheat farm. I am hoping to expand the farm in a while. I have also got a tree farm and I chop down and plant around 9 trees once they have all grown and I have many wood blocks, apples and saplings. I have created an infinite water source and two cobblestone generators. The items I have are: 154 wood blocks, 2 axes, 105 bread, 2 bows, 13 arrows, 1 hoe, 209 seeds, 6 buckets, 1 bucket of milk, a shovel, cobblestone sword, diamond sword, 48 saplings, 43 cobblestone, 14 sticks, 39 torches, a cobblestone pickaxe, 20 wood, a boat, 4 cobblestone stairs, 36 emeralds, 15 string, 12 apples, 12 rotten flesh, 4 gun powder, 11 bone meal, 4 spider eyes and 6 sugar cane. 

– RabidUnicorn3


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