Sinking Titanic by Butter-Troll-18


Sinking Titanic by Butter-Troll-18

A friend and I are currently recreating the Titanic’s end as it is sinking. The front is a bit dodgy but we got over it. We are currently working on the rear and can’t get the shape. We are going to make the deck soon and the wheel room will be accessible. Feel free to come and have a look. We are close to some other projects by in the

Building an item elevator

At the start of making this item elevator I needed quite a few materials such as: sand for glass, cobblestone, pistons, water buckets, redstone, redstone repeaters, redstone torches and normal torches.

To start off with I made a 5 block long line which was 3 wide.  I then smelted some sand to make some glass; when I did this I added it to 1 side of the 3 block wide line and then added cobblestone to the other side of the line on the 6th block. In the middle I placed a piston, made a little box around the piston and added blocks on top of the box. I then made a box the opposite way to the box I just made. I continued the same thing for 3-4 levels and then I made a little canal type thing for the end to collect the item. After this I made a quick redstone pulsing machine. elevator 1

Like the picture above I set the redstone up by coming 3 blocks away from the pulsing machine and digging down to the other 5 pistons and wiring the redstone up. I dug down and placed a redstone torch on the side of the dirt; when this happened the pistons were in the on position. To fix this I went to the side of the quick pulsing machine and placed, then quickly destroyed, a redstone torch. This is because we only wanted the pistons to be in the off position for a second, if not less, so the water can’t flow back down. I then added the most vital thing to make the elevator work: the water. I placed the water when I came to a piston; I added it to the block above the piston then I tested it out. It took a bit of time but it worked. Just to make it look good I made a little shack type thing for the redstone and the quick pulsing machine.

Thank you for reading my post about the item elevator

By Brayden_C123. 

Projectmist18 builds a bike

This is the first time I have played Minecraft. So far I have learnt how to move around in game and have given myself the challenge of building a bike in creative. When building my bike I had to think about how to represent the different parts of a bike in the space I chose to do the build.mine craft bike

Hangover180’s mission in survival

This is our base area, a temporary spot until we start work on the castle we plan to build. The castle that we plan to build will be set up against the side of a mountain and will the mountain will form part of the building. I am working with Slaanu in survival. We have chosen to build in survival as we want to feel greater accomplishment at the end of our build.

hang1 Hang2 Hang3

theL4TCHER built a castle!

My castle

So I thought I would build a castle so I did. It has two towers and three storeys, it also has lots of windows and a bedroom.

It is made out of stone brick and wood with wool floors. I really liked building it and it only took me a week I hope to do more stuff like this in the future.

I built this in survival. The greatest challenge was collecting enough stone and then crafting it into stone brick.



1 2

Titanic by cplnoob and starfighter64



Starfighter64 and cplnoob have been working together to create the Titanic. Starfighter64 came up with the project and then went in search for a class member to help him out with the building. The work has been undertaken in the survival world in creative mode. They have chosen to do this as it is a huge project. The survival world was chosen for this build due to the fact the students have other plans that require survival later on.
ship by cplnoob and starfight64 pic 1 ship by cplnoob and starfighter64 pic 2 ship by cplnoob and starfighter64 pic 3

Towards the heavens by Pocoliptic12


I was inspired to build this castle because we needed something in the background of the casino, and I just like castles and mountains. I originally thought just a room on the mountain would be enough, but it turned into a castle. I just started with the floor and ideas just rolled out of my head and into the space I was building in. The point is that I just like building something that looks cool and the mountain just looked too good to leave bare.
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