Cocoa bean farm

Information regarding my video 🙂

First Half:

First of all of we are planting our coca beans on the jungle wood because as we all know cocoa beans only grow on jungle wood.

With this 7×6 set up you will need 42 cocoa beans to cover the whole area available to you to grow the cocoa beans.

Second Half:

Now the cocoa beans are ready to harvest so we will go over to the canal and stand next to the lever, now we will pull the lever and release the water from on top of the 7×6 area. Once we have pulled the leaver we are waiting for the cocoa beans to get close to the canal, they are washed down by the water. Once the are near the canal we can stop the water.

To stop the water from flowing  we pull the lever again and the water stops.

Now we wait for the cocoa beans to come towards us in the canal. We have collected them all so can now either plant them again or do the following things:

1. make cookies,

2. brown dye,

3. dye collars on tamed wolves,

4. dye leather armour,

5. when combined with gunpowder to make a fire work star etc.

Thank you for watching and reading my videos.

By Brayden_C123.


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