Towards the heavens by Pocoliptic12


I was inspired to build this castle because we needed something in the background of the casino, and I just like castles and mountains. I originally thought just a room on the mountain would be enough, but it turned into a castle. I just started with the floor and ideas just rolled out of my head and into the space I was building in. The point is that I just like building something that looks cool and the mountain just looked too good to leave bare.
2013-08-12_20.19.16 2013-08-12_20.19.38 2013-08-12_20.19.48 2013-08-12_20.20.27 2013-08-12_20.20.32 2013-08-12_20.20.37 2013-08-12_20.22.11 2013-08-12_20.22.25 2013-08-12_20.22.38 2013-08-12_20.22.50 2013-08-12_20.34.36 2013-08-12_20.34.54


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