Building an item elevator

At the start of making this item elevator I needed quite a few materials such as: sand for glass, cobblestone, pistons, water buckets, redstone, redstone repeaters, redstone torches and normal torches.

To start off with I made a 5 block long line which was 3 wide.  I then smelted some sand to make some glass; when I did this I added it to 1 side of the 3 block wide line and then added cobblestone to the other side of the line on the 6th block. In the middle I placed a piston, made a little box around the piston and added blocks on top of the box. I then made a box the opposite way to the box I just made. I continued the same thing for 3-4 levels and then I made a little canal type thing for the end to collect the item. After this I made a quick redstone pulsing machine. elevator 1

Like the picture above I set the redstone up by coming 3 blocks away from the pulsing machine and digging down to the other 5 pistons and wiring the redstone up. I dug down and placed a redstone torch on the side of the dirt; when this happened the pistons were in the on position. To fix this I went to the side of the quick pulsing machine and placed, then quickly destroyed, a redstone torch. This is because we only wanted the pistons to be in the off position for a second, if not less, so the water can’t flow back down. I then added the most vital thing to make the elevator work: the water. I placed the water when I came to a piston; I added it to the block above the piston then I tested it out. It took a bit of time but it worked. Just to make it look good I made a little shack type thing for the redstone and the quick pulsing machine.

Thank you for reading my post about the item elevator

By Brayden_C123. 


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