Portal pixel art by Yaar1345 and Kaleblee123

Pixel Art
We started by searching for a pixel art template from the game Portal. Then measuring the dimensions of each portal (from the puzzle game Portal a portal is like a link in between two places. You place one portal and then another and you can travel through one and you will come out the other) and man. We then made a portal each; I made the blue portal and Kaleblee123 made the orange. Once I had finished mine I went to help Kaleblee123 who had made a small error in the dimensions of the left hand side and needed some help correcting it. After we made the outline we continued to fill in the portals and finish off the man. This pixel art is on display about 300 blocks from creative world spawn. Go over the purple MLP pony and then go straight and you will see it to the left of your screen at the start of the desert biome. I like Portal because I enjoy puzzle games and the idea of a rundown facility and using portals to solve different puzzles really appeals to me.

Original Concept

Original Concept


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