The Casino by Green_Rain and Silver Serein

This build was constructed by Green_Rain and SilverSerein, with help from pocoliptic12. The idea for the Casino came from an original build on a Hunger Games server which we changed to fit our own building style. Some of the buildings around the courtyard are to create a realistic atmosphere, making the builds fit together in one modern theme. The builds include: town hall, swimming pool and beach umbrellas, business facility, Starbucks and an old themed castle in the background.

We have learned how to co-operate with one another, and compromise on one build to fit both of our tastes. Using different materials is interesting to see how they look next to each other; what works well with what. We have all contributed equally to the builds, and have learnt how to both share and accept one another’s ideas.
Credit to Pocoliptic12 as he helped expand our courtyard and build the castle.

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