Australian Air Force Cadets. (AAFC) For Minecraft.

I was inspired to make this logo with my recent enrollment into the air force cadets and so I thought I would make this abbreviation logo in appreciation to the Australian air force cadets.

When I started undergoing this project I needed only one material/resource which was cobblestone. I needed a 64 stack of cobblestone because the A was 17 blocks and times that by 2 because it is AAFC and then the F was 15 blocks and the C was 12 blocks. When I wrote up the plan for this project I would make all the letters 6 blocks high so I could still reach the top. Here are the plans for the letters including the blocks needed as well as length and width.

A: 12 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 17 blocks needed X 2.

F: 5 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 15 blocks needed.

C: 6 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 12 blocks needed.

All up I need 61 blocks so I went to my house and grabbed the stack of 64 and went off and found a place to build and construct the AAFC.

When I found the right bit of ground I started with the start of the A and placed a block of cobblestone and then counted 12 blocks and then placed another block of cobblestone and built up from the ground and I placed blocks up in a diagonal line and then I started on the other side of the A and repeated the same thing then I counted up 3 blocks from the bottom and placed a line of cobblestone linking up with the other side. When I started on the F it was pretty simple I built a line of cobblestone going up and then I built 2 lines coming off the line 1 from the top and I counted 2 blocks from the top line and built a line on the second block. With the C it was just a little bit more difficult I firstly built a line of 3 cobblestone on the ground I then added a curve type thing on the end of it and curved it on the back and then I repeated what I did on the ground just with the curve at the end I turned it inward.

Thank you for taking the time to read my word document.

By Brayden_C123.


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