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Mrturnip974’s “Turnip Project”

Minecraft: Project Turnip


This project is something I have wanted to do for a while but never got around to at home.

At the time I thought this build would be easy but when I saw the servers map and its resources I began have my doubts, first of all there was not enough land to build on and so there were hardly any animals, thankfully though, Kaylie103 had found sheep and was breeding them in a pen so I set to work. When I had made the basic design from magenta wool I thought it was going pretty good but then, the sheep began to lag the server so they had to be removed so people could actually go on the server I had no magenta wool to finish the turnip so I ended up using purple. This is what it came out as.


This was not my vision of the giant amazingly decorated Turnip I had visualised in my little tiny mind. So after I had finished the turnip at school, I went home and made the one I would have like to make, if I had had the time and resources. This is what it looked like.


Thank you for reading and looking