Castle Barrillius

Hangover 2


The entrance to castle Barrillius


Hangover 1


Progress on the first floor

Hangover 3


The hidden door to castle Barrillius’ vault



Hangover 4

The vault door opened


Finding a new home in Minecraft

So far in minecraft I have built 3 houses, but none of them were suiting me. So I decided to venture off into the wilderness to seek other means of refuge. Inspired by YouTube sensation ‘Syndicate’, I have decided to build a base inside of a mountain. I’ve just started to build and so far I have made a ‘control centre’, and I am yet to finish. I think it will take another 4 days to finish my base.
The materials I used consist of stone. stone brick and wood. I still need to smelt at least another 4 stacks of stone to finish my underground base.



theL4TCHER built a castle!

My castle

So I thought I would build a castle so I did. It has two towers and three storeys, it also has lots of windows and a bedroom.

It is made out of stone brick and wood with wool floors. I really liked building it and it only took me a week I hope to do more stuff like this in the future.

I built this in survival. The greatest challenge was collecting enough stone and then crafting it into stone brick.



1 2

SilverSerein works to build a town hall.

Town Hall/Chapel –
I was inspired to build a town hall near the casino, that borders the courtyard surrounding it. The town hall gives the courtyard a real-life feel to it, as most have other buildings bordering the outside. I created a similar build in my Single Player world, and wanted to contribute it into the server and show other players.

seren1 seren2 seren3 seren4 seren5

K_red’s apartment

These are screen shots of an apartment I built (k_red) on Minecraft. The apartment consists of a main entrance room, a down stairs enchantment room, two bedrooms, a relaxing area and a basement for experiments. In the relaxing area we have some couches, some bookshelves and a beacon surrounded by water. The beacon is to pinpoint the exact location of the apartment, the apartment it surround by trees and is hard to find. The beacon is also to lighten the mood and for looks. The basement has a chest with potions and other odds and ends in it. The basement also has a pool of lava and a pool of water separated from each other by glow stone. The main entrance area has a furnace, crafting table and some chests. The down stairs enchantment room has bookshelves surrounding an enchantment table. There is also a door leading to a secret passage way as an escape route. In the two bedrooms there is simply a bed or a double bed, a jukebox and some chests. Though one has an enchantment table and a bookshelf near it to make it stronger.