Finding a new home in Minecraft

So far in minecraft I have built 3 houses, but none of them were suiting me. So I decided to venture off into the wilderness to seek other means of refuge. Inspired by YouTube sensation ‘Syndicate’, I have decided to build a base inside of a mountain. I’ve just started to build and so far I have made a ‘control centre’, and I am yet to finish. I think it will take another 4 days to finish my base.
The materials I used consist of stone. stone brick and wood. I still need to smelt at least another 4 stacks of stone to finish my underground base.



theL4TCHER built a castle!

My castle

So I thought I would build a castle so I did. It has two towers and three storeys, it also has lots of windows and a bedroom.

It is made out of stone brick and wood with wool floors. I really liked building it and it only took me a week I hope to do more stuff like this in the future.

I built this in survival. The greatest challenge was collecting enough stone and then crafting it into stone brick.



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SilverSerein works to build a town hall.

Town Hall/Chapel –
I was inspired to build a town hall near the casino, that borders the courtyard surrounding it. The town hall gives the courtyard a real-life feel to it, as most have other buildings bordering the outside. I created a similar build in my Single Player world, and wanted to contribute it into the server and show other players.

seren1 seren2 seren3 seren4 seren5

K_red’s apartment

These are screen shots of an apartment I built (k_red) on Minecraft. The apartment consists of a main entrance room, a down stairs enchantment room, two bedrooms, a relaxing area and a basement for experiments. In the relaxing area we have some couches, some bookshelves and a beacon surrounded by water. The beacon is to pinpoint the exact location of the apartment, the apartment it surround by trees and is hard to find. The beacon is also to lighten the mood and for looks. The basement has a chest with potions and other odds and ends in it. The basement also has a pool of lava and a pool of water separated from each other by glow stone. The main entrance area has a furnace, crafting table and some chests. The down stairs enchantment room has bookshelves surrounding an enchantment table. There is also a door leading to a secret passage way as an escape route. In the two bedrooms there is simply a bed or a double bed, a jukebox and some chests. Though one has an enchantment table and a bookshelf near it to make it stronger.




Home Sweet Home by Skylarox

Our Home Sweet Home

Written by Skyelarox

When I first came on the Minecraft Grade 8 Survival Island, I accidently spawned on someone’s sky block (whoops). I jumped of and with luck on my side I landed in the water. Unfortunately for me though I landed right next to a creeper, a very angry one. I swam to the island opposite to the one I was on and started digging into what was going to be our awesome house.

 Soon afterwards Pinkyrose103 and Kaylie103 joined me in the little house. It wasn’t very big but we eventually made it into an office, with all the survival equipment we would need.

I felt like we needed some more space, so I started building upstairs. It wasn’t as big as downstairs so I decided to make it my bedroom.

After adding the finishing touches to my super cool yet small bedroom, I was thinking about what to do for my project. Then I thought of the best project ever! A trading post!

We got straight to work. I built the trading post in the water so it would attract more attention. Plus it was right in front of our house, which faces the other island. I was sure this would get attention!

Back to our awesome house. After Pinkyrose103 and I placed the finishing touches to our greatest project ever, we continued working on our home.

However, Kaylie103 had moved out of our home and made herself a tree house and went to work on her own project (shame). So that just left me and Pinkyrose103. But we were fine with that. I like working as a duo.

We had collected some crops after the past few Minecraft days so I built us a place to grow them. A glass house! It was a really good idea because monsters couldn’t get in. Neither can other people. Another great expansion to our fabulous home!

Not long after the glasshouse expansion, we had collected some sheep so we needed a place to keep them all. So Pinkyrose103 built us a basement. Not too shabby looking at that point. But we had a huge problem. Lag! Boy was that annoying! I couldn’t play on the school server for days! Eventually the admins got rid of them all. Good riddance!

Because of the whole sheep lag thing we had an empty room which looked pretty dull. So I made it into the best room in the house! The Basement!

Our basement includes all of our crafting tables an furnaces, and a chest that we keep all of our spare materials. Plus we have a stand that we keep all of our cakes on. It looks great at this point. I wonder what I’ll add on next.

Just in – I built us a Hallway of Glory! Or for short an Achievements Room. I’ve set up some achievements for Pinkyrose103 and I. It includes achievements for us to accomplish while on the server. They are in order from easy to hard.

I needed somewhere to keep all of my precious things like diamond and emerald, so I built myself a loot room. I can finally place my things in a place I know they’ll be safe.

I’ve been on a little break from my house construction, but I’ve done heaps of other things like a private island for Pinkyrose103 and I, went exploring and found a mushroom island and also continue our project. Plus we found an abandoned mineshaft and collected pumpkin and melon seeds! Yay! Plus we found lots of diamond and emerald. I think we’re the richest out of all the grade 8 survivors!

After the break we had I built us an enchantment table and a Nether Portal with the obsidian we found. Pinkyrose103 also made herself her own room to keep her stuff in. It’s behind the Enchantment Room.

Thanks for joining us on our little adventure building our house. So far it looks fantastic! We’ll have further updates about our little home soon enough.

We hope you liked our work!

Skyelarox and Pinkyrose103


Tuffyn’s adventures continue…

Tuffyn Bedroom Tuffyn Holiday house Tuffyn I think i'm being watched Tuffyn Mine Tuffyn The frount Tuffyn u like Tuffyn Under ground farm Tuffyn Up coming farm

I’ve decided to make a holiday house for myself which is next to my friend’s house (I_ eat_ 7_ pancakes). When I finished the wooden part of my house I started to mine down and I ran into an already existing mine, I also came across a few creepers but they died (I win this time, ha-ha). I mined a bit more and found obsidian and made a portal, but when I went to the Nether I was ambushed by zombie pigmen (you win this time you swine’s), I tried to get my stuff back, but they kept killing me. Until next time!  DON’T TRUST THE PIGS!!!!!