Bradrockzs1 & Lochster323 Built a Sandstone Castle!

This is the start of a sandstone castle being built in Survival Mode.

Sandstone castle 1 Sandstone castle 2



“Our biggest Challenge so far has been excavating the land and gathering sandstone/dirt.”

Finding a new home in Minecraft

So far in minecraft I have built 3 houses, but none of them were suiting me. So I decided to venture off into the wilderness to seek other means of refuge. Inspired by YouTube sensation ‘Syndicate’, I have decided to build a base inside of a mountain. I’ve just started to build and so far I have made a ‘control centre’, and I am yet to finish. I think it will take another 4 days to finish my base.
The materials I used consist of stone. stone brick and wood. I still need to smelt at least another 4 stacks of stone to finish my underground base.



theL4TCHER built a castle!

My castle

So I thought I would build a castle so I did. It has two towers and three storeys, it also has lots of windows and a bedroom.

It is made out of stone brick and wood with wool floors. I really liked building it and it only took me a week I hope to do more stuff like this in the future.

I built this in survival. The greatest challenge was collecting enough stone and then crafting it into stone brick.



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