Blaircannon builds a Zombie XP farm

Zombie Farm

zombie XP Farm
The use of the zombie XP farm is to gather XP as we harvest mob drops.
The main issues I ran into while creating the Zombie XP Farm was finding out the correct measurements so that the zombies would be able to be killed with one hit and also to fit it in such a small area. Another issue I had was the spawner was so close to bedrock. I had to alter my plan so that the zombies would not only fall to lose health, but also elevate them so that they had a long enough fall distance for maximum damage.
If I were to improve my design I would enlarge the spawning platform so that I would gather zombies as fast as possible and also place the collecting bay closer to the spawner so that while you gathered XP you could also spawn the zombies.
The elevator works because it uses the fact that mobs swim up water. The signs are used because they will stop the water being complete, therefore creating air pockets so that the mobs don’t drown on the way up the elevator.

Zombie Farm2