GModGirl’s experience in Minecraft this year

Minecraft experience 2013

My experience in Minecraft this year was spectacular; the team work, the efforts, the creativity gained and witnessed was truly outstanding. In the class I got to socialize with kids that have the same interests I have, building friendships throughout the year. Cooperation was the biggest highlight; When there was ridiculous amounts of mobs and high death count, we took shelter and shared supplies. When someone needed help building or creating something it always felt good to teach them how to do so. I’ve also learnt more about the importance of my appearance on-line and how I present myself to the people of the world wide web, presentation is key and your first impression is everything. If you are acting like a tool on the internet people will see you once and think: “Wow, that person seems stupid and rude” And that would be the last time they visit your page/ sever/ profile.

Australian Air Force Cadets. (AAFC) For Minecraft.

I was inspired to make this logo with my recent enrollment into the air force cadets and so I thought I would make this abbreviation logo in appreciation to the Australian air force cadets.

When I started undergoing this project I needed only one material/resource which was cobblestone. I needed a 64 stack of cobblestone because the A was 17 blocks and times that by 2 because it is AAFC and then the F was 15 blocks and the C was 12 blocks. When I wrote up the plan for this project I would make all the letters 6 blocks high so I could still reach the top. Here are the plans for the letters including the blocks needed as well as length and width.

A: 12 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 17 blocks needed X 2.

F: 5 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 15 blocks needed.

C: 6 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 12 blocks needed.

All up I need 61 blocks so I went to my house and grabbed the stack of 64 and went off and found a place to build and construct the AAFC.

When I found the right bit of ground I started with the start of the A and placed a block of cobblestone and then counted 12 blocks and then placed another block of cobblestone and built up from the ground and I placed blocks up in a diagonal line and then I started on the other side of the A and repeated the same thing then I counted up 3 blocks from the bottom and placed a line of cobblestone linking up with the other side. When I started on the F it was pretty simple I built a line of cobblestone going up and then I built 2 lines coming off the line 1 from the top and I counted 2 blocks from the top line and built a line on the second block. With the C it was just a little bit more difficult I firstly built a line of 3 cobblestone on the ground I then added a curve type thing on the end of it and curved it on the back and then I repeated what I did on the ground just with the curve at the end I turned it inward.

Thank you for taking the time to read my word document.

By Brayden_C123.