Mummy5412’s house

This is my house that I built not really planing on building a good one so it looks pretty bad. I am planing on making an enchantment room inside it and a stable for when 1.6 gets implemented into the server.

So I need lots of leather and paper.

Australian Air Force Cadets. (AAFC) For Minecraft.

I was inspired to make this logo with my recent enrollment into the air force cadets and so I thought I would make this abbreviation logo in appreciation to the Australian air force cadets.

When I started undergoing this project I needed only one material/resource which was cobblestone. I needed a 64 stack of cobblestone because the A was 17 blocks and times that by 2 because it is AAFC and then the F was 15 blocks and the C was 12 blocks. When I wrote up the plan for this project I would make all the letters 6 blocks high so I could still reach the top. Here are the plans for the letters including the blocks needed as well as length and width.

A: 12 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 17 blocks needed X 2.

F: 5 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 15 blocks needed.

C: 6 blocks wide, 6 blocks high = 12 blocks needed.

All up I need 61 blocks so I went to my house and grabbed the stack of 64 and went off and found a place to build and construct the AAFC.

When I found the right bit of ground I started with the start of the A and placed a block of cobblestone and then counted 12 blocks and then placed another block of cobblestone and built up from the ground and I placed blocks up in a diagonal line and then I started on the other side of the A and repeated the same thing then I counted up 3 blocks from the bottom and placed a line of cobblestone linking up with the other side. When I started on the F it was pretty simple I built a line of cobblestone going up and then I built 2 lines coming off the line 1 from the top and I counted 2 blocks from the top line and built a line on the second block. With the C it was just a little bit more difficult I firstly built a line of 3 cobblestone on the ground I then added a curve type thing on the end of it and curved it on the back and then I repeated what I did on the ground just with the curve at the end I turned it inward.

Thank you for taking the time to read my word document.

By Brayden_C123.

Nooby5412’s Reflections – Opportunity

Starting in the Minecraft class a few weeks ago my friends and I were looking for a place in the Minecraft survival world far away from people. At around 1000 blocks away from spawn we found a big section of the world (down to bedrock) missing. We asked about it and apparently someone made an error in world edit and then it was lost. Upon finding this out me and my friends immediately claimed this canyon as our’s rushing into it with a lot of us falling through the world and dying. This made me wonder, what was it about a huge canyon that made us so excited to have it?

It wasn’t like there was a huge advantage to living in this oversized canyon, resources like wood were harder to get, falling out of the world was a constant problem and conventional building was harder. Yet we were all so excited about it, it took me a while to realise why we were overjoyed about. I think it was because it was something that might give us an advantage, though why did we need an advantage? We weren’t competing with each other or anyone else, we might have thought it was an advantage against the environment and living in this canyon might make things easier.

However, I think the real reason we were overjoyed was because it was different. Most of us in the group had built so many houses on flat ground before that it had become boring. So this canyon was a new a different way of doing things that would make the game more exiting and more difficult.

–          Nooby5412

The Casino by Green_Rain and Silver Serein

This build was constructed by Green_Rain and SilverSerein, with help from pocoliptic12. The idea for the Casino came from an original build on a Hunger Games server which we changed to fit our own building style. Some of the buildings around the courtyard are to create a realistic atmosphere, making the builds fit together in one modern theme. The builds include: town hall, swimming pool and beach umbrellas, business facility, Starbucks and an old themed castle in the background.

We have learned how to co-operate with one another, and compromise on one build to fit both of our tastes. Using different materials is interesting to see how they look next to each other; what works well with what. We have all contributed equally to the builds, and have learnt how to both share and accept one another’s ideas.
Credit to Pocoliptic12 as he helped expand our courtyard and build the castle.

Progress on 1.6.2 Launcher

As you may or may not know, I have been recently working on upgrading the current Minecraft launcher to be compatible with the new version 1.6.2. The launcher is now complete but I am still rebuilding a secondary executable of the launcher but it should be completed sometime during the course of next week.

More information and updates on this project can be found on my personal blog

Finding a new home in Minecraft

So far in minecraft I have built 3 houses, but none of them were suiting me. So I decided to venture off into the wilderness to seek other means of refuge. Inspired by YouTube sensation ‘Syndicate’, I have decided to build a base inside of a mountain. I’ve just started to build and so far I have made a ‘control centre’, and I am yet to finish. I think it will take another 4 days to finish my base.
The materials I used consist of stone. stone brick and wood. I still need to smelt at least another 4 stacks of stone to finish my underground base.